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You are about to embark on your journey to earn your FDP Charter credential. The FDP Charter program is designed to facilitate self-directed learning for today’s busy professionals. The FDP study guide is organized to facilitate quick learning, easy retention, and provides an essential link between the curriculum and the exam.

Candidate Handbook
This Candidate Handbook is provided to assist you in navigating through the FDP program.

Study Guide

The Study Guide pr
ovides a link between the curriculum and the exam and facilitates quick learning.

Curriculum Materials

The FDP curriculum offers expertise in data science and its practical applications in finance.

The items below are accessible to exam registrants only

IPR E-Book
Big Data in Machine Learning in the Financial Industry 
(8 required readings)

Topics in Financial Data Science 
(12 required readings) 

Required Books

These three books can be purchased from Amazon and are required reading for the FDP Charter program.

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