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Registration for the Q2-2024 FDP Exam

Opens December 11, 2023


Satyabrota Das is the Senior Advisor to Curriculum and Exams for the FDP Institute.  He has been involved with Financial Data Professional (FDP) Institute since its inception. He plays critical roles on both the exam and the curriculum committees. His primary responsibilities include organizing the FDP Exam, including the development of exam questions, grading, and publication of the results. He has extensive knowledge of the topics related to machine learning and data analysis – the key components of the FDP Exam. Previously, he worked in the financial industry with a focus on alternative investments, particularly in hedge fund replication and commodities. He developed and traded investable products using liquid exchange-traded securities in hedge fund replication and commodities. Satyabrota is currently a doctoral candidate in Finance at UMass-Amherst. He is a CFA and a CAIA Charterholder. 


Kathryn is the founder of Pearl Quest, LLC, a consulting company specializing in alternative investment products and education, including the application of data science techniques in finance. She has a Ph.D. in finance from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Kathryn is also a research associate of the Center for International Securities and Derivatives Markets (CISDM), home to the Morningstar-CISDM hedge fund indices. She is widely published in several journals and books and has been an assistant editor for the Journal of Alternative Investments for the past ten years. She regularly writes Practical Applications reports for Pageant Media, the publisher of the Journal of Alternative Investments, Journal of Portfolio Management, and its new Journal of Financial Data Science, among others. She was the Curriculum Director at CAIA in its formative years and served on the curriculum committee of CAIA’s Financial Data Professional (FDP) program during its start-up years and is a current consultant.

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