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Dataquest is an approved provider of prerequisite classes. You can access the classes at the Dataquest Website. If you choose Dataquest, you must complete all the following classes. You are responsible for the cost of classes at Dataquest.

Note: When you complete the classes, upload the Dataquest certificates to your FDP Profile. 

 1 Python for Data Science: Fundamentals This course covers the basics of Python, including the execution of codes, printing of a statement, commenting on codes, understanding of variables, employment of conditional statements and understanding of an assignment operator.
 2 Pandas and NumPy Fundamentals This course introduces two of the most important packages in Python – NumPy and Pandas. An understanding of both packages is essential for cleaning, manipulating and visualization of data.
 3 Exploratory Data Visualization This course introduces Matplotlib, the main package for graphing in Python.  It shows how to plot line charts, use sub-plots to plot multiple charts, and plot bar charts, scatter plots, histograms and box plots.
 4 Data Cleaning and Analysis This course builds on the prior knowledge of Pandas to introduce candidates to data aggregation and working with dataframes.
 5 SQL Fundamentals This course builds on the prior knowledge of data analysis and helps candidates to work with more advanced tools offered by Python. The course uses Python to provide an introductory refresher course in statistics.
 6 Statistics Intermediate: Averages and Variability In this course, candidates will learn how to use Python to summarize the distribution of a variable with a single value, such as the mean, the weighted mean, the median, the mode, variance, and standard deviation.
 7aProbability: Fundamentals Learn the fundamentals of probability theory using Python
 7bHypothesis Testing: FundamentalsLearn more advanced statistics concepts for more powerful data analysis. 
 8 Linear Algebra for Machine Learning This refresher course covers basic concepts of linear algebra, which are important to understanding machine learning algorithms that are covered in the FDP program.

** Previously known as Class 7 "Probability and Statistics in Python: Intermediate" has been discontinued and replaced by Dataquest with 

  • 7a. Probability: Fundamentals 
  • 7b. Hypothesis Testing: Fundamentals
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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