FDP Exams are from November 11 - November 23rd  

Check the for the Exam location nearest you here 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Exam Registration 

When can I register for the FDP exam?
You can Register for the Exam at any time. You will have access to the study materials, the readings and the sample exam.  

When is the exam for November ? 
The first exam day will be between November 11th, the last Exam day will be November 23rd. 

Schedule Your Exam Seat 

When can I Schedule my Exam Seat? 
Starting August 1st. 
After you have uploaded the certificates of your completed prerequisite courses to your FDP profile, the FDP team will verify your documentation. Upon approval you will receive your invitation to Schedule Your Exam via email. 

Where are the FDP Exam Locations?
The FDP Exam will be available at one of these locations 

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