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What materials do I need to prepare for the FDP Exam?  
The FDP curriculum and Study tools  are the only preparation materials endorsed by the FDP Institute and are the Candidate’s best source of information regarding what content is eligible to be tested on the FDP exam. All the content on the FDP exam comes directly from the FDP curriculum readings. 

Will the CAIA discount be available for the Q2 2020 Exam?
Yes, the CAIA discount will be available for the Q2 2020 Exam. We do recommend that you create your free FDP Profile where you indicate your desired exam window, so you can take advantage of early registration and the CAIA discount.

Will there be a sample exam?
Yes. We will have an online tool with sample questions. The Sample questions are representative of those on the actual exam, and the relative distribution of questions by topic is consistent with the topic weights on the actual exam, as published in the study guide. 

What is the total cost of the reading materials?
Topics in Financial Data Science - 12 readings that are available for free on the FDP website for Exam Registrants  
Big Data and Machine Learning in the Financial Industry: Readings for the Financial Data Professional Exam  - 8 readings that are available on the website from the Journal of Financial Data Science.   ($99 for Exam registrants)
3 books:
      * Data Science for BusinessProvost, Foster and Tom Fawcett. O’Reilly Media Inc, 2013
      * Big Data and Machine Learning in Quantitative Investment. Guida, Tony. Wiley, 2019 
      * An Introduction to Statistical Learning. James, Gareth, Daniela Witten, Trevor Hastie and Robert Tibshirani. Springer, 2013 

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