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    When can I start with my prerequisite courses? 
    You can start at any time. 

    How long can I take to complete the prerequisite courses?
    Certificates do not expire.

    Is Python easy to learn for beginners?
    Yes! Python is very easy to learn.Python offers excellent readability and uncluttered simple-to-learn syntax which helps beginners to utilize this programming language.

    I am experienced in Python, do I still have to complete the prerequisite courses? 
    At this time, yes. We have received lots of inquiries about a "test out" and are looking into a fitting solution. 

    Do I have to have Python experience to complete the prerequisite?
    No Python experience is required to start the prerequisite.

    Should the prerequisite classes (i.e., the 7 classes listed for DataCamp or the 8 classes listed for Dataquest) be taken in the exact order that they are presented on the FDPI website?
    At least the first two courses covering Python should be taken sequentially.  

    Uploading Your prerequisites

    How do I upload my prerequisite certificates? 

    Go to your FDP Profile 
    Scroll down to the provider you picked. 
    For each provider we have listed the required classes.
    Click Choose Files and add each of your certificates to the corresponding classes.

    Do not forget to click Save aft eacher certificate has completed uploading. 

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