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Up-skilling & re-skilling your team members
Organizations recognize the need to continuously up-skill and re-skill professionals to remain effective. Talent teams want to recruit and retain employees who represent the best in the financial data industry—employees who are highly skilled and who are bound by the highest ethical standards.Benefits of providing ongoing learning opportunities include higher-quality analytical work, deeper client engagements, retention of a firm’s best people, and a stronger bench of talent. "People who develop a deep expertise stay longer because their key development needs are being met". (Source: Investment Professional of the Future - CFA

The FDP Institute developed its curriculum for this very purpose

The FDP Institute has designed this self-study program to provide finance professional with an efficient path to learn about the essential aspects of financial data science.  The FDP curriculum introduces candidates to central concepts of machine learning and big data, including ethical and privacy issues, and their roles in various segments of the financial industry to boost and integrate quant knowledge into analytics' skills. 
Candidates will earn their FDP Charter once they pass the FDP exam and complete two short online classes, which can be done before or after the FDP exam.

Industry Trends, Implications, and the Growing need for Finance Analytics Translators 


  • Companies pursue cutting-edge tools and technologies 
  • Companies set up multi disciplinary teams 
  • Financial firms integrate machine learning and analytics strategies for investment and trading 
  • use of data science has spread out to other industries 


  • Emergence of the “Finance Analytics Translator” role to liaise between Data Science team and other stakeholders
  • Opportunities for quantitative professionals in investment banking are continuing to pick up steam.
  • As demand increases for specialized skill sets, the search becomes more challenging. 
*Source: 2019 Predictions for Data Science & Analytics in Financial Services – Burtchworks

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In his 2017 CEO Letter, Larry Fink, CEO of Black Rock, the largest money management firm in the world, wrote:
“America’s largest companies, many of whom are struggling with a skills gap in filling technical positions, must improve their capacity for internal training and education to compete for talent in today’s economy and fulfill their responsibilities to their employees.” 
source: BusinessInsider  

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