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Data is the lifeblood of the financial services industry. As one of the first businesses to embrace “big data,” it recognized early on its importance in interpreting structured data and using it to drive its business and retain customers. But incorporating the messy data generated by our increasing use of digital devices is more difficult. Learn how machine learning impacts your business and why learning more can ensure your business and career grows along with the field.

The Future of Finance: Machine Learning

The emerging fields of data science and machine learning hold the key to the future. What is it, who does it affect, and how do you ensure you are prepared?

Who Should Enroll?

The roll of the data scientist continues to grow. Research from IDG notes that data science is the number one initiative that CIOs are investing in.

Accelerate your Career with FDP

Earning the FDP Charter designation gives you the skills you need to compete in today's and tomorrow's ever-changing world of data science.

Steps to Earn the FDP Charter

Learn what to expect as you pursue the FDP Charter. What does the training involve, what does it cost, and where you can take the exam?

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