Introduction to the FDP Program

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Thank you for your interest in the FDP Charter.

The "Introduction the FDP program" document can be downloaded for free. This document offers you an overview of what is available in the official study guide for the October 2020 exam.

If, after reviewing this document, you conclude that the FDP Charter could be an essential step in your continued education and can help you gain a competitive edge in the data-driven finance industry, visit the FDP website, and create your FDP profile, and receive a copy of the complete study guide.

Once you have decided to pursue the FDP Charter, register for the exam, and gain access to the sample exam and additional learning tools.”


The university faculty and industry practitioners who created the FDP Charter program bring years of experience in the financial services industry. Consequently, the curriculum is consistent with recent advances in the applications of data science to the financial industry. 

All exam questions directly address the nine (9) curriculum topics.

  • Each topic has required readings. 
  • Each required reading has keywords & learning objectives 

A candidate who is able to meet all learning objectives in the Study Guide should be well prepared for the exam. Candidates should anticipate  approximately 200+ hours of study in preparation for the FDP exam.

The questions on the exam will pertain to the keywords and learning objectives.

We have put together a 'Introduction to the FDP Program', this can be down loaded for free. 

      • Introduction to the FDP Program
      • Online Requirements 
      • FDP Examination 
      • FDP Curriculum: Outline 
      • FDP Curriculum: Reading List 
      • **Bonus**: Topic 1 - Readings & Learning Objectives 

Create your free FDP Profile 

  • Receive your copy of the compete Candidate FDP Study Guide
  • Gain access to three of the sample questions. 
  • Overview of Global Test Sites 


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