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This newsletter – Digital HUB – is dedicated to the digital transformation of industries and implications for employees and employers.  It is intended to provide insights into topics such as: AI, Data Science, Machine Learning, Crypto Assets, Cyber Security, IT, and Software as a Service. 

September 2022 Newsletter

Should Dollar Go Digital?

Image Credit: Dreams time

Issued by the central bank, digital money could provide a trusted settlement layer in the future crypto financial system. 

Pros: Individuals would have a digital version of cash on their phones (in addition to cards or Venmo, etc.) that could be used anywhere. This could lead to faster, cheaper and safer payments and make paper currency obsolete. 

Cons: According to the banking industry, costs of a central bank digital currency outweigh any benefits, and would directly compete with private bank deposits, making loans more expensive. Read More...

One of the biggest stories this year has been the rise of AI based Large Language Models (LLMs) that are trained on troves of personal data from the internet. These AI models produce text a human might have written. They are used as chatbots or in online search, and to help software developers write code

How could it be misused? Personal information might be part of the LLMs. Also, the model may generate information that is not factually accurate by producing text based on its training data and context provided by the user—this is commonly known as AI "hallucination"! Read More...

What AI Models "Know" About You?

Credit: MIT Tech Review and MS Tech

Human VS Artificial General Intelligence 

Credit: Shutterstock.com/wowowG & Singularity Hub

Recent AIs that produce fluent text, including in conversation with humans, and generate impressive and unique art can give the false impression of a mind at work. But these are specialized systems that perform narrowly defined tasks and require massive training. However, recent cognitive architectures combining neuroscience, psychology, and AI could lead to a model of human thought.  Neuroscience focuses on the organization of the brain, cognitive psychology on behavior, and artificial intelligence on useful capabilities. Read More...

A new generation of AI can produce “creative” images on-demand based on a text prompt. They are changing the way creative content is made with implications for copyright and intellectual property. While the output of these models is often striking, it’s hard to know exactly how they produce their results. 

Secret Language? Some researchers in the US made the intriguing claim that these type of models might have invented their own secret language to talk about objects. I f true, this kind of AI model, could have important security implications. So, what is going on? Well..these models probably do not have a “secret language.” It might be more accurate to say they have their own "vocabulary", but even then we can’t know for sure how these complex models are behaving. Read More...

Does AI Have Its Own Secret Language?

Image Credit: Stability AI and the medium (Jesus Rodriguez)

James Webb Image of the Phantom Galaxy

Credit: NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope

This image from the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope shows the heart of the Phantom Galaxy. Webb’s sharp vision has revealed delicate filaments of gas and dust in the grandiose spiral arms which wind outwards from the centre of this image. Also, a clear view of the nuclear star cluster at the galaxy's centre.  Read More...

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