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The sample questions are intended to help familiarize candidates with the structure and the format of questions on the FDP exam.

The sample questions are representative of those on the actual FDP exam, and the relative distribution of questions by topic is consistent with the topic weights on the actual exam, as published in the Study Guide.

About the sample questions:

  • There are fifty-five (55) multiple choice questions and two (2) constructive response questions. 
  • After answering the questions, you will receive your response summary.
  • Via email you will receive an overview of the answer key to each question. 
  • For Example: LO 8.1.4, Reading 8.1, pp 24-25
 Official FDP EXAM Sample Questions
 75 Multiple Choice Questions 55 Multiple Choice Questions
 3 Constructive response questions 2 Constructive Response Questions 

After you  register for the FDP Exam and your payment has been processed, you will receive two emails:

      1. From sender  Contains the password to the Sample Questions
      2. From Your personalized link to the FDP Sample Questions 
You can take the sample exam multiple times; just send us an email at for a fresh link.

Feel like you did not receive access? Contact us at

Still not sure about the FDP Exam? Check out this webinar: Dr. Hossein Kazemi talks about the FDP Exam and further explains  what you can expect. 

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