FDP Exams are from November 11 - November 23rd  

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The FDP Study Guide

The FDP Study Guide provides an essential link between the curriculum and the exam and is organized to facilitate quick learning and easy retention.   

All exam questions directly address the eight curriculum topics.


Approximate Weight %

Introduction to Data Science & Big Data


Data Mining & Machine Learning:  Introduction


Data Mining & Machine Learning: Regression, LASSO, Predictive Models, Time Series, Tree Models


Data Mining & Machine Learning: Classification and Clustering


Data Mining & Machine Learning: Performance Evaluation, Backtesting, False Discoveries


Data Mining & Machine Learning: Representing and Mining Text


Big Data, Data Mining & Machine Learning: Ethical and Privacy Issues


Big Data and Machine Learning in the Financial Industry


Each topic in the FDP Study guide includes:

  • Required readings  
  • Learning objectives 
  • Keywords 

A candidate who is able to meet all learning objectives in the study guide should be well prepared for the exam. Candidates should anticipate  approximately 200+ hours of study in preparation for the FDP exam.

Candidates should be aware that the study guide is exam specific, is regularly revised, and pertains only to a particular exam cycle.  (Current Cycle is November 2019 ) 

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