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Blaze Titus

A brief introduction:

Out of High School, it was a real challenge to find a path that would meet my aspiring financial goals but also provide enough of a challenge to keep me engaged. Pure happenstance, I took a chance with finance and uncovered a passion that has carried me through the last 10 years with ease. Working with amazing colleagues in a supportive environment, I have helped clients by providing advice on investing, financial planning, estate planning and all things wealth management.

Over the past couple of years my education focus has shifted to Computer Science and applications of Data Science in the wealth management business. This is an area of expansive growth and possibility, I'm excited to say the least.

Through the FDP program I have built a foundation to expand upon and look forward to providing the best possible service to the clients I serve.

Why did I take up the FDP challenge?

I had been looking at incorporating more data science into our wealth management practice but did not know where to start. Having a background in programming, the application of concepts in a language such as Python is fairly simple. The challenge comes with not being able to say if the model and its results have credence and is actionable. I wanted a full picture and the confidence to keep pushing in this direction.

What is great about FDP?

In my opinion, the most appealing aspect of the FDP curriculum is the age of the material. Reading industry papers from this decade, in areas where research that is expanding is incredibly refreshing coming from a finance background. I found myself more than once going down a garden path of research, spurred on by one of the exam topics. The FDP has provided a great foundation to expand upon and narrow down areas of greatest interest to focus on.

It is important to connect and share ideas with a community of diverse membership. When solving problems, we are limited by our background and experience. Diverse thought is key to tackling those challenges and to boost overall motivation.

The FDP Charter has given me the confidence to explore areas of Data Science and apply them to real world problem solving.

The designation allows me to stand out amongst my peers in the industry, demonstrating a commitment to learning and staying ahead of the curve. There is nothing permanent except change.

My advice for aspiring industry professionals:

Never stop being curious and create your own opportunities. If you pursue what interests you, the motivation to succeed will be natural.

About Blaze Titus:

Blaze is currently the Associate Investment Advisor at RBC Dominion Securities.  He is a resident of Canada and received his Investment Management Diploma from Nova Scotia Community College.  Blaze provides wealth management and investment services to families across Canada, and takes a comprehensive approach beyond investing, to assist clients in meeting their goals and building confidence in their wealth plan.

Certifications: Chartered Financial Analyst, Chartered Investment Manager

Blaze Titus, CFA, CIM, FDP

Associate Investment Advisor

RBC Dominion Securities

Blaze Titus - Finance with ample knowledge of data science

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