Q2-2021 FDP Exam: Registration closes March 12th!

The Financial Data Professional (FDP) designation showcases your global value by validating your financial acumen and data analysis skills.  FDP® is the globally recognized credential for professionals managing, analyzing, translating, and distributing data in finance. Become an FDP Charter holder. The FDP designation is powered by the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association.

Successful completion of the FDP exam and the online requirements puts you in an influential group of Financial Data Professional Charterholders worldwide. And your education does not end once you have passed and become an FDP Charter holder. The FDP Institute strives the continually offer learning opportunities to the FDP community.

Earning the FDP Charter is an investment in your career.

  • Applicable: Learn and apply strategies to be a well-rounded Financial Data Professional.
  • Current: Program materials are reviewed and updated regularly.
  • Efficient: 77% of Charter holders who earn their FDP Charter do so in 3-4 months.
  • Comprehensive: Our all-encompassing exam covers everything from the characteristics of data analysis to the targeted applications in finance. 

Candidate Handbook
The candidate handbook contains all the information you need to navigate through the FDP Charter curriculum. Consider it a road-map to successfully earn your FDP Charter. 

Candidate Study Guide
The Candidate Study Guide is organized to facilitate quick learning and easy retention. A candidate who can meet all the learning objectives in the Study Guide should be well prepared for the FDP exam.

Registration & Fees 
The exam is administered twice per year at test centers around the world. Learn about exam dates and fees here. 

Why earn the Financial Data Professional designation?
The FDP curriculum is designed for finance professionals by finance professionals, based on input from industry leaders and stakeholders around the globe. It helps finance professionals become skilled and strategic business advisers to other departments in the business. 

The Future of Finance
As financial institutions continue to implement quant strategies, the need for data science and machine learning continues to grow.

For Employers
Organizations want to recruit and retain employees who represent them in the financial data industry. Find out more about reskilling and upskilling your team.

For Employees
To excel as a Financial Data Professional, you need to constantly stay up to date on market developments and new technologies.

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