Registration for the October 26 - November 8, 2020 exam opens May 10th. 

The safety and well-being of our Candidates is paramount to us. We are continually monitoring the dynamics of the COVID-19 situation and are in constant contact with our exam administrator, Prometric. You will be contacted by Prometric and the FDP Institute if your exam is cancelled. For information directly from Prometric, see Your exam will proceed if you do not hear from us. 

For the March 16 -April 4, 2020 FDP exam updates , please click here

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions or need any clarifications:

The FDP Charter examination is comprised of 75 multiple choice questions weighted as 60 percent of the total points and two to four constructed response questions (multi-part essay type questions) weighted as 40 percent of the total points. The FDP exam does not contain any Python programming questions.

The examination is based on its study guide, which is organized to facilitate quick learning and easy retention. Each topic is structured around learning objectives and keywords that define the content to be tested on the exam. 

The university faculty and industry practitioners who created the FDP Charter program bring years of experience in the financial services industry. Consequently, the curriculum is consistent with recent advances in the applications of data science to the financial industry. 

Registration for the Q4 2020 exam opens May 10th

All exam questions directly address the eight curriculum topics:

   Topic Approximate Weight %
  1. Introduction to Data Science & Big Data  5-10
    2.Data Mining & Machine Learning:  Introduction  5-10
    3.Data Mining & Machine Learning: Regression, LASSO, Predictive Models, Time Series, Tree Models 10-20
    4. Data Mining & Machine Learning: Classification and Clustering 5-15
    5. Data Mining & Machine Learning: Performance Evaluation, Backtesting, False Discoveries 5-10
    6. Data Mining & Machine Learning: Representing and Mining Text 5-10
    7.  Big Data, Data Mining & Machine Learning: Ethical and Privacy Issues 5-10
    8. Big Data and Machine Learning in the Financial Industry 0-50
  • Each topic has required readings. 
  • Each required reading has keywords and learning objectives 
The questions on the exam will pertain to the keywords and learning objectives. 

A candidate who is able to meet all learning objectives in the study guide should be well prepared for the exam. Candidates should anticipate  approximately 200+ hours of study in preparation for the FDP exam.
The study guide is organized to facilitate quick learning and easy retention. Each topic is structured around learning objectives that define the content to be tested on the exam. Candidates should be aware that the study guide is exam specific, is regularly revised, and pertains only to a particular exam cycle.  (Current Cycle is March 16 - April 4, 2020) 

There are no penalties for wrong answers. Passing scores are determined by the FDP Exam Committee. Exam results are pass/fail and are emailed approximately five weeks after the exam. 

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