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Perspectives on the Korean Asset Management Industry

Date: Dec 7, 2022 @ 11 AM KST (Dec 6 @ 9 PM ET)

Based on a survey of industry leaders, this webinar discusses recent trends in Korea’s financial markets and the asset management firms’ reactions to those trends. In particular, this webinar discusses how asset management firms can adapt to changes in the behavior of retail investors since 2020.

Retail investors increasingly rely on new media to form their investment views, but asset management firms could provide added value to individuals by offering personalized products and services. Dr. Jang Ho Kim discusses the recent movement by retail investors in Korea, its possible causes, its effect on the Korean asset management industry, and how asset management firms can adapt to these changes.  Moderated by CAIA Korea Chapter Head, Minjun Kim.

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Corrective AI and Conditional Portfolio Optimization

Date: December 12,2022 @ 11 AM ET

Asset managers have struggled to apply machine learning to generate trading signals successfully. Instead, applying machine learning to determine the probability of profit of existing trading signals is very fruitful - this is Corrective AI. Taking this one step further, we developed Conditional Portfolio Optimization, a portfolio optimization technique that adapts to market regimes via machine learning. Applications on portfolios in vastly different markets suggest that CPO can outperform traditional optimization methods under varying market regimes. Dr. Hossein Kazemi of the FDP Institute will share details with Ernest Chan, Founder & CEO, Inc.

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Beyond the Black Box: Machine Learning for Equities

Date: December 14,2022 @ 11 AM ET

Developing reliable and intuitive interpretation is essential for the application of machine learning to investing. This presentation discusses a framework for decomposing any machine learning model into linear, nonlinear, and interaction effects that drive both prediction and performance. With a case study of predicting US large cap stock returns, this presentation will show how the "Model Fingerprint" tool enables practitioners to summarize key characteristics, similarities and differences among different models, thereby enhancing their understanding of the market. Dr. Kathryn Wilkens, Founder of Pearl Quest LLC and current member of the FDP Institute curriculum team will explore this further with Andrew Li, Vice President, Quantitative Researcher, State Street Associates.

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webinars to guide your learning journey as you prepare to sit for the FDP Exam

FDP Q2-2023 Charter Information Session

Date: January 11, 2023 @ 11 AM ET

Learn more about the curriculum and the roadmap to prepare for the upcoming FDP exam.  This session will provide an outline of the curriculum, background requirements, reading material and study tools to help you prepare.

The Financial Data Professional Institute (FDPI) has designed a self-study program to provide financial professionals with an efficient path to learn the essential aspects of financial data science.  The Financial Data Professional (FDP) is a global designation for investment professionals with data science skills.

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FDP Q2-2023 Review of Prometric Test Center and Remote Proctor Testing Session

Date: January 25, 2023 @ 11 AM ET

The FDP team answers questions about the FDP program, where to obtain your curriculum materials, study tools, preparation for exam day, the demo exam and focus attention on our testing options.

Map out your learning journey to obtain the FDP Charter. FDP Senior Advisor, Hossein Kazemi shares the value add of the FDP Charter, the curriculum, and how you can leverage your FDP learnings as you advance your career.

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FDP Q2-2023 Candidate Orientation Session

Date: March 1, 2023 @ 11 AM ET

How to prepare for your exam day!  

This webinar features members of the FDP Curriculum Team as well as Candidate Relations. The following topics are discussed: Curriculum materials, exam format, and available resources. For each topic we discuss the required readings, keywords, learning objectives and sample questions. 

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Recordings of all our webinars can be found here

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