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Charterholder Spotlight

New job promotion, speaking engagement, award, published article, or other notable accomplishment? Share your story.  

Financial Data Professionals: Financial domain knowledge amplified with working and applied skills of AI and machine learning methodologies.

The #FDPCharter is geared to up-skill and cross-skill finance professionals, to strongly position themselves in an increasingly data-driven world of finance. Over time the FDP program has seen an increase in data science professionals eager to gain domain knowledge as they work with financial institutions. This creates a range of knowledge, skills, and dispositions amongst our FDP Charterholders. 

Meet our FDP Charterholders, and where they view their financial data science area of expertise following the FDP Program.   

"Translators draw on their domain knowledge to help business leaders identify and prioritize their business problems. Translators then tap into their working knowledge of AI and analytics to convey these business goals to the data professionals who will create the models and solutions. Finally, translators ensure that the solution produces insights that the business can interpret and execute on, and, ultimately, communicates the benefits of these insights to business users" - Source: Analytics Translator: The New Must-have role

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