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Finance Analytics Translators play a critical role in bridging
the technical expertise of data engineers and data scientists with those who have finance expertise. 

In their role, analytics translators help ensure that the deep insights generated through sophisticated analytics translate into impact at scale in an organization. By 2026, the McKinsey Global Institute estimates that demand for translators in the United States alone may reach two to four million.

As finance institutions continue to implement quant strategies, the need for data science and machine learning skills continues to grow. The Financial Data Professional institute (FDPI) is answering this need with a designation in data science for finance professionals in an effort to boost and integrate quant knowledge into analytics' skills. 

The Financial Data Professional Institute (FDPI) was established by the CAIA Association to address the growing need in finance for a workforce that has the skills to perform in a digitized world where an increasing number of decisions will be data and analytics driven. The FDP Credential is the first of its kind in the industry and reflects expertise in data science and its practical applications in finance.

Are you ready to future-proof your career? 

The Future of Finance
The world of finance is evolving quickly. Artificial intelligence and machine learning saves time, reduces costs, and adds customer value. Learn more.

Learn Python Coding
Python is a high-level coding application used for rapid development. Get training that provides a foundation for a deeper understanding of big data in finance.

The FDP Curriculum
Our curriculum offers expertise in data science and its practical applications in finance. The program is designed to facilitate self-directed learning for today’s busy professionals.

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