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Alpha Development is excited to announce that we have signed a definitive agreement with CAIA Association entrusting us with the future growth and strategic development of the FDP Charter program. We bring over 20 years of expertise in global financial services training and look forward to offering this unique and differentiated program. Read all about it here.


As the global financial industry becomes increasingly competitive, the professionals who succeed are the ones who can demonstrate their ability to add value to an organization. 


Financial Data Professionals help organizations make the most of the data they collect by finding trends, patterns and errors that might otherwise go unnoticed. Successful Financial Data Professionals have the skills to work with data, the acumen to understand the business side of the organization and the ability to communicate that information to people across their organization.

Important Program Update: As the revolution in AI and machine learning deepens its implications for the financial industry, the CAIA Association has partnered with Alpha Development to ensure that the FDP Institute & its Charter Program remain at the forefront of the needs of investment professionals.

Alpha Development has committed to the ongoing delivery of the Charter Program, with the next cohort launching in June 2024 in preparation for a November 2024 examination.

Three webinar recordings to better understand your learning journey as you prepare to sit for the FDP Exam.  Register for upcoming webinars here.

FDP Charter Information Session

Learn more about the FDP Community along with the Charter curriculum and a roadmap to prepare for the upcoming FDP exam.  This session will provide an outline of the curriculum, background requirements, reading materials and study tools to help you prepare.

The Financial Data Professional Institute (FDPI) has designed a self-study program to provide financial professionals with an efficient path to learn the essential aspects of financial data science.  The Financial Data Professional (FDP) is a global designation for investment professionals with data science skills.

Review of Prometric Test Center and ProProctor Remote Testing

Map out your learning journey to obtain the FDP Charter. The FDP team will answer questions about the FDP program, where to obtain your curriculum, prep providers, preparation for exam day and focused attention on our testing options.

This is a great opportunity to clearly see the steps required to have a successful exam experience.

FDP Candidate Orientation Session

This webinar features members of the FDP Curriculum, Operations and Candidate Relations Teams. The following topics are discussed: Curriculum materials, Learning Objectives and Practice Question review.  We will go over the exam structure and format, and available resources.  Preparation for exam day and items permitted during the exam will be covered. 

Once you've registered for your exam, you'll have access to the webpage where you can schedule your exam appointment. Please be sure to schedule your appointment as soon as you can as space may be limited in some locations. Learn more here.

The FDP Institute is proud to announce that Remote Proctor Testing is offered to all Candidates registered for FDP exam. Learn more

The FDP curriculum and Study Guide are the only preparation materials endorsed by the FDP Institute and are the FDP Charter Candidate's best source of information. Our curriculum is revised regularly to incorporate relevant, practical industry developments, and the latest academic research. Texts reflect up-to-date and relevant practice, strategies, and application vehicles you might encounter. Need more details? Take a look at the Curriculum Overview to see exactly what’s covered. 

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