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Based on feedback from our program participants, we have added both Practice Questions and a Sample Exam.  Both tools are intended to help familiarize Candidates with the structure and format of questions on the FDP exam.  Candidates will be notified when the Practice Questions and Sample Exam are available to exam registrants for the Q4-2024 exam.  

There are two types of exercises available:

Exercise 1 - Practice Questions:

The practice questions are intended to familiarize yourself with the types of questions. These questions are based on lessons in the curriculum to help you evaluate your topic-level strengths and weaknesses. All questions are rooted in the current curriculum, and in the same format as the questions on the actual exam.  Please note, this exercise is not designed to represent the replication of an actual exam.  

     - 92 Multiple choice questions    
     - 8 Constructed response questions 

Click on image below to access Practice Questions

Exercise 2 - Sample Exam:

The sample exam replicates the structure of the actual FDP exam.  In terms of structure, the sample exam consists of the topic area weights and level of difficulty as the actual exam. Questions are based on the current curriculum for the exam. 


- 80 Multiple choice questions 
- 3 Constructed response questions 

Click on image below to access Sample Exam

Candidates are prohibited from bringing their personal calculator to their exam.  Please take advantage of using the online calculator to be prepared on exam day.

Following the exercises you will receive: 
  - your response summary (only your multiple choice questions are scored)      

- a link to the "Answer Key" (where you can find the answer. Example: LO 1.3.3, p 36. Interpretation: Topic 1, Reading 3. Learning Objective 3.)

FDP Exam participants have unlimited access to the practice questions and sample exam. We encourage you to experience both exercises to check your level of understanding of the curriculum material. Upon completion of the practice questions and sample exam, you will receive an overview of your summary results and an "Answer Key" document

Unless otherwise noted, if a problem requires the use of a logarithm, use the natural log. This convention will apply to the actual exam.

Natural logarithm (ln) should be used for all questions that require log. Calculation of IDF should also be done using the natural logarithm. This means anytime log appears in a formula in the books or in any article, it should be replaced with the natural log. This also applies to the TF IDF formula. 

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