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As a Candidate registered for the FDP exam you are eligible to schedule a DEMO exam. 

The DEMO is set up like a real exam, and requires to be treated as such. Your test environment is to be compliant as reflected in the Prometric ProProctor Guide.

This DEMO is created to:

  • Familiarize yourself with the log-in and security procedures.
  • Ensure your environment and equipment pass the security check & check-in procedures.
  • Learn more about the Prometric test software.
  • Be prepared for your FDP Exam Day!

- As the FDP Candidate, it is your responsibility to pursue scheduling and completion of the DEMO exam. 

-  Completion of the DEMO exam does not guarantee a flawless RPT experience on exam day. 

IMPORTANT: When Candidates are refused access to their DEMO due to the environment or ID not meeting requirements and/or guidelines, Candidates can purchase an additional DEMO exam for $35. 


    >>>>> for the Demo exam --> pick the Demo option!

    • Your FDP profile number is your eligibility number. 
    • Your first & last name as listed in your FDP profile have to match that on your identification items. When your names do not match: email us immediately at Please provide your FDP Profile number, correct first name, correct last name. (Do not make the change yourself.) 

    If you are unable to schedule your DEMO with Prometric please contact us at
    Include your FDP Profile number. We will respond within 24 business hours.


    Do not de-activate or delete your email in the Prometric exam reservation software. Communications regarding your exam appointment are shared via email.

    The DEMO is to be treated as a real exam, your environment and ID requirements are that of a real exam. 

    Purchase an additional DEMO here: 

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