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Duncan Robinson, CAIA®, FDP®

A brief introduction: Hello Everyone! My name is Duncan. I traded and managed portfolios of equity, interest rate and commodity options as a market-maker on the PCOAST, CBOE and CME for many years. We were trained to look for edges in the marketplace and to keep an eye on our risk, considering different potential scenarios. At one point, computational power and connection speed seemed to be among the most scalable market advantages; now it is my belief that a creative thought process, combined with analytics, quantitative techniques and scientific rigor offer a greater, more unique market edge.

Why did I take up the FDP challenge? I pursued the FDP designation because I believe that alternative data and machine learning are powerful tools to uncover and validate market risks and opportunities. The FDP designation signals to the world that one values learning about recent cutting-edge techniques in the analysis of financial markets. Additionally, I welcome the opportunity to connect with interesting and thoughtful peers!

The FDP Charter is a commitment to excellence in my craft... as well as a dram of insight to satiate my thirst for knowledge!

What is great about FDP: The FDP curriculum brings new and innovative methodologies to the fore. Incorporating this exquisite domain knowledge set with my academic training in data science and deep trading and portfolio management expertise has given me a formidable toolset to help my firm succeed in a competitive landscape.

The FDP designation signals that one is serious about applying alternative data and statistical learning techniques to the analysis of financial markets.

My advice for aspiring industry professionals: Focus on delivering value in your quantitative endeavors. While you experiment with new techniques and data, keep your focus on using these tools to deliver value to the investment process. Integrate your models with insights from business users with deep subject matter expertise.

About Duncan Robinson

Duncan W. Robinson is a Senior Investment Data Scientist at Wells Fargo Asset Management and is an inventor with multiple patents pending, including a proprietary global ESG quantitative rating system. In this capacity, he is responsible for data science, research, analysis, forecasting, ad hoc problem-solving and alternative data. He has served as a portfolio manager for the Budo Group in Chicago and as an options market-maker for Wolverine Trading in Chicago and San Francisco where he traded index, equity, interest rate and commodity options on a plethora of global exchanges. Duncan earned a BSc in Public Finance from Indiana University, an MBA with a concentration in Decision Science from Purdue University and a MSc in Data Science (Predictive Analytics) from Northwestern University. He has earned the right to use the CAIA and FDP designations.

Duncan W. Robinson, CAIA®, FDP®

Senior Investment Data Scientist
Wells Fargo Asset Management

Duncan Robinson, CAIA®, FDP® - Inching closer to Translator

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