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Kevin Andrade, FDP

A brief introduction: Hello Everyone! My name is Kevin.

Why did I take up the FDP challenge?

I pursued the FDP designation because I wanted to help define the blueprint for tomorrow’s traders. I considered the strength of FDP Institute’s curriculum as laying the groundwork for the path of what the next ten to twenty years of my career would become.

What is great about FDP:

The FDP Institute’s curriculum is an excellent source of education regarding the data science toolkit. I pursued the charter as a key part of my roadmap to being promoted to Senior Trader & Trading Data Science Strategist. I am using my new skill set to help drive down our trading costs in global equity markets. I am doing this by applying a data-driven and analytical approach to our order routing decisions and running A/B tests to ensure that the changes being made are in fact driving more optimal outcomes for our investors and clients.

The FDP Institute has given me the tools to help define the blueprint for tomorrow's trader and has proven to be a well-respected credential and a useful piece of my knowledge base. It is the most exciting upskilling opportunity in the marketplace today!

My advice for aspiring industry professionals:

I suggest that all aspiring data science professionals should simultaneously be thinking about how to integrate these new skills into your current workflow to drive better outcomes. By taking this approach in my current role, I was able to develop a solid proposal for a promotion and was successful in attaining it.

About Kevin Andrade

Kevin is a Senior Global Equity Trader & Trading Data Science Strategist at Eaton Vance Management (Morgan Stanley Investment Management), USA. He holds a BA in Economics from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and an MBA in Finance from Vanderbilt's Owen Graduate School of Management.

In his position as Senior Global Equity Trader & Trading Data Science Strategist, Kevin deploys tools and techniques derived from statistical and analytical work to support data-driven decision making ultimately leading to better investment results in client portfolios. He provides business level subject matter expertise to ensure efficacy of data collection, relevancy of project scope, test implementation, and resultant analysis and outcomes. Kevin also drives an increase in efficiencies and works towards reducing the risk of errors and the continued reduction in trading costs.

Kevin Andrade, FDP  

Senior Global Equity Trader & Trading Data Science Strategist

Eaton Vance Management

United States 

Kevin Andrade, translator 

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