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Candidates can choose between either one (1) R or one (1) Python class. Classes can be accessed at the Udemy website. You are responsible for the cost of the Udemy class. If you choose Udemy, you must complete one of the following classes. Note: When you complete the class, submit the Udemy certificate using this form.

Udemy: Python track (choose one)

1.    Python Programming for Beginners: Learn Python In 9 Days   

Python fundamentals class taught thoroughly and at a gentle pace accessible for everyone. You will learn how to code if you follow the instructions step by step, one at a time.  Take your time and do it your own way. You can learn in 9 days or you can learn it in 90 days – it really is up to you. Take the ideas presented and turn them into your own. Ask why things are done a certain way and try it your own way. By taking this course you will become a Python programmer and develop logical thinking and problem solving skills.

2.    The Python BibleTM  | Everything You Need to Program in Python

Build 11 projects and go from beginner to pro in Python with a project-based Python Course. Class will cover the following:

1. Variables - Learn to conveniently store data in your Python programs
2. Numbers - Learn how numbers work behind the scenes in your Python programs
3. Strings - Master the written word and automate messages using text
4. Logic and Data Structures - Teach your Python programs to think and decide
5. Loops - Save time and effort, by making computers do the hard work for you
6. Functions - Automate Tasks by Creating your very own Python Functions that you can use over and over

7. OOP - Add Python to Your Resumé By Mastering Object-Oriented Programming, an industry-standard programming technique

Course will cover each of these topics step by step, building your skills at just the right pace, and by the end you will have a strong understanding of Python programming and you’ll be ready to create Python scripts on your own.

Udemy: R track

1.    R Programming - R Language for Absolute Beginners 

R programming course suitable for everyone, no coding experience or a statistics background needed.  

This course was designed to be your first step into the R programming world.  It will delve deeper into the concepts of R objects, understand the R user interface and play around with several datasets. This course contains lectures around the following groups: 

  1. Introductory slide lectures with the most well-known commands for each type of R object.

  2. Code along lectures where you will see how to implement what you will learn.

  3. Test your knowledge with questions and practical exercises with different levels of difficulty.

  4. Analyze real datasets and understand the thought process from question to R code solution.

This course was designed to be focused on the practical side of coding in R, instead of teaching every function and method out there.  This course will show you how you can read questions and examples and get to the answer by yourself, compounding your knowledge on the different R objects. 

At the end of the course you should be able to use R to analyze your own datasets. Along the way you will also learn what R vectors, arrays, matrixes and lists are and how you can combine the knowledge of those objects to power up your analysis.

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